Holly’s Inspiration

People, places and things that have inspired her life and work

David Hockney


iPad paintings. What would the world be without Mr. Hockney?

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Aaron Kramer


Aaron made the wooden heart that appears on one of my book covers. He is a great talent, with a huge heart of his own.

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William Rosen


This is my brother-in-law and my hero. He began his own writing career at the age of 50 after being a big-deal publisher…

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Intricate drawings


by Riddle were inspired by the brilliance of Artist, Kurt Wahlner. Kurt is some kind of genius. He knows more about the minutiae…

Addie Holsing


My 7th grade teacher at Willard Junior High School in Berkeley, CA.
She changed my life by letting my class have a daily newspaper.

Robert College


The school I went to as a sixteen years old in Istanbul. The people there are inside me and I love Turkey and all of them.

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Flea Markets. Swap Meets. Garage Sales.


Go on Sundays to buy other people’s stuff. There are stories in everything you buy.

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Nijmegen, Holland


I was eight years old and I rode my rust-colored bicycle everywhere in Nijmegen. I see the streets some nights in my dreams.

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Store – Obsolete


on Main street in Venice, CA. Proprietor: Ray Azoulay, the hippest person in L.A. Visit his store. He knows what’s up.

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The Oregon Coast

You can travel the whole world and not find a place more beautiful.

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Ry Cooder

The inspiration for how Sam plays the guitar. He also is a great writer and is about to publish his first book 

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Anne Herlihy

Multimedia Artist and Designer Anne Herlihy. Freshman roommate in college. Sister I never had. Best friend forever.

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I couldn’t help but think about one of my handsome sons, Calvin, for the personage of Sam.

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Dr. Paul Farmer

Founder of Partners in Health. The man who should rule the world.

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Raul Midon

My friends Wes and Marlow introduced me to him and he played in their backyard.

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To Sir With Love

This certain movie, seen at the right time in your life, stays with you forever.

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Neil Swaab

Talented, wonderful, cool artist who did the original ART which is the cover of I’ll Be There.

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My beloved nephew, and creator of this site in addition to a number ofhealthcare-focused sites. My personal favorites are Fin vs Fin, FertileFacts, and Wellness Conversations.

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